Over the years, critics of the use of renewable forms of energy have stated that renewable energy cannot provide the power necessary to meet the energy needs of the people. Some believe that coal, nuclear and gas generated electricity will be the mainstay of power generation for years to come.

An interesting event happened in the first quarter of this year that demonstrates that renewable energy can generate significant amounts of energy. It has the potential to overtake some other forms of energy.

A report issued by the Imperial College of London has demonstrated that during a three month period from January through March, wind power produced more electricity for the United Kingdom than did nuclear power.

During that time period, wind power was responsible for producing 18.8 percent of the power used. Nuclear power was responsible for 18.76 percent of the power used. Electricity generated from gas powered plants still led the way in overall energy production. Over 39 percent of electricity was produced by gas powered plants.

This wasn’t the only surprising statistic in the Imperial College of London’s information. On the night of March 17, wind power was responsible for almost half of the electricity produced in the United Kingdom. This had never been done prior to March 17.

Critics of wind power doubted that wind power would be able to meet electricity needs during the colder winter months. However, wind energy did produce a significant amount of power. During the winter months, anywhere from 12 to 43 percent of electrical power was generated by wind power.

This is exceptional due to the fact that the UK had an extremely bad winter. A storm dubbed “The Beast From the East” pounded the nation. On top of that, the month of February saw very low temperatures necessitating a higher than normal demand for electrical power.

These good results for wind power where aided by the fact that new transmission lines for wind energy were brought online in both Scotland and Wales. Nuclear power plants in the UK were also not running at full capacity due to maintenance issues.

Wind energy continues to be a popular form of renewable energy production. As more wind fields are constructed and come online, even more power will come from the wind in the near future.