There are many industries in the economy that are struggling right now. One industry that is actually doing well is the field of renewable energy. There are thousands of jobs being created every month in this industry, and a lot of people are excited about all of the opportunities. More countries are open to the idea of transferring some of their energy needs to these new forms of energy. Over time, this is a great thing for both the economy and the environment.
Solar Power

Perhaps the biggest change over the past few years in this field is the growth in solar power. This is the most accepted form of renewable energy in a lot of areas. The great thing is that the overall cost of solar energy has decreased greatly. There are a lot of people who are excited about what the future holds in this area. There are even some countries that have experimented with running the entire country for a few days just on solar power. Although they do not have the scale to do this over time, it is a great way for the country to show that they are serious about renewable energy.
Tax Credits

In a lot of countries around the world, citizens are able to earn tax credits for investments that they make in this area. A lot of people are willing to invest in renewable energy if it makes financial sense for them. Over a period of years, investments solar energy will pay off financially. However, few people want to wait that long to see a return. This is why so many areas will offer some sort of tax incentive to invest in renewable energy. For the local government, it is a great way to clean up the area and save money on the cost of electricity.
Final Thoughts

Overall, there are a lot of people who are excited about the current trends in the field of renewable energy. Not only is this field growing, but more people are thinking about investing their own money to help the local environment. The solar energy field is adding more jobs every month, and many people want to join the industry to take advantage of the growth. Not only is it a great way to make money, but it is a great way to help the world as well.