Elon Musk’s Tesla never ceases to amaze. At the end of October, Musk unveiled a new product that will revolutionize the way we think about solar panels. The launch of the new product was met with excitement and some contempt. Let’s jump right in and dissect Tesla’s new products.

Solar Shingles

On October 28th, Elon Musk gave a keynote on the new solar shingles and an upgraded power wall. Let’s start with the solar shingles. Musk envisions households across the country that have become energy independent by installing the solar panels in replace of their old roof. Although pricing and specs were not mentioned much at all, Musk did mention that the shingles are tough and will last twice as long as traditional shingles.

The new solar shingles also comes in 4 different styles: smooth, textures, slate, and tuscan. It does not appear that the shingles input is affected due to size and texture. Products like solar shingles are created with bigger ideas in mind too. For instance, the solar shingles were created with a design that would be easy to implement during building.

Power Wall

Additionally, Musk introduced the PowerWall 2. Compared to its first generation iteration, the PowerWall 2 boasts an impressive double capacity storage. Musk also claims the PowerWall 2 can power a four bedroom home for the entire day.
The PowerWall 2 is stackable and capable of handling inside or outside conditions. It works with your existing solar power supply to store what is not used during the day in order to kick in when the sun is not collecting energy. The PowerWall 2 may not get you to full energy independence, but it get’s you pretty close!
For roughly $7,000 a new PowerWall can be added into your home to start collecting your unused energy. When the sun goes down or a storm blows through, the PowerWall 2 can help keep your home running.