Renewable energy has never been more prevalent in the United States. It is estimated that roughly thirteen percent of our power comes from renewable energy, but many feel this figure is not enough and that we need to look elsewhere for renewable power generation. This has led many to look to the open waters and seek to develop offshore wind turbines. But what exactly are the benefits of offshore wind and how can it help bolster renewable energy as a stronghold producer in the United States?

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Creates Jobs
  • Operates Efficiently And Out Of Site

Environmentally Friendly

Because these turbines use wind as their only fuel, there are absolutely no emissions associated with power generation. While some emissions were likely expelled in the creation of the components of the turbine, the lifetime emissions on a per kilowatt-hour basis are far lower than more traditional fossil fuel based power generation. For example, a recently proposed project in Maryland estimates that the offshore wind turbines will produce enough energy each year to power 147,000 homes and will offset more than 19,000 tons of carbon.

Creates Jobs

One of the most promising areas for offshore wind is in the United States off of the North East coastline from Maine down through New Jersey and Maryland. A recent study found that it would not be impossible to add more than three hundred thousands full time employment years by the year 2030. This means high paying a reliable jobs for people that need to support their family, and are making the world a better place in the process.

Operates Efficiently And Out Of Site

Offshore wind is so attractive because it doesn’t take up the large geographic footprint on land. Plus, on the open ocean, wind turbines can be constructed that are far bigger than those appropriate for land. As these wind turbines get bigger, they also get more efficient. Many worry that there turbines will ruin the views at the beach but, in fact, many offshore wind is far enough out to sea that it can’t be seen by the naked eye. The energy future of the United States is never a certain thing, but undoubtedly, renewables will play an increasingly larger role well into the future.