Now more than ever, is the time to invest into solar and renewable energy to help create a world powered by sustainable energy. However, many people don’t know where to get started. Whether you’re a business or an individual looking to make a difference and an income, these are some of the easiest ways to invest into the world of renewable energy.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A solar power purchasing agreement is a committed contract created by the solar power provider and the customer. The company will come out and finance the installation of solar panels to your home at no cost, provided that you agree to purchase power from the developer. Typically, you must be committed to a 15 year contract with the developer, however you will get a lower electricity rate compared to what you would have prior to solar. PPA’s are great as there are no upfront costs or fees, while everyone needs to pay for monthly energy. This makes contributing to sustainable energy affordable for any household.

Clean Energy Stocks

Energy stocks are probably the most popular way of investing in renewable energy. However, it isn’t the first choice of investment when it comes to typical households. The reason being is because the stock market tends to jump up and down, depending on what is going on with the economy. Therefore, investing into energy stocks comes with a risk of loss (as with any stock market investment). The best way to choose which stocks are right for you, is to consider the different type of companies. Does the stock you plan to invest in focus only on renewable energy, or do they have other aspects that make up the company? The more variety the company offers, the better chance it has in the market.

Bonds and Crowdsourcing

Another great and easy way of investing into renewable energy is of course the purchase of bonds or crowdsourcing investments. We saw in recent years the crowdsourcing trend pop up as everyday citizens are able to invest small amounts of money into causes they believe in with a hope in return. Bonds have been around since the 1930’s borrowing money from citizens with a return value. Now more than every, buying energy bonds or investing into energy crowdsources, is one of the best ways to increase a higher chance of getting a return on investment. Not only will this help contribute to a sustainable environment at a faster rate, but citizens are able to contribute to the causes they believe in if they choose so.