With more people adopting sustainable energy options like solar power, they need places to store the surplus energy they are harnessing. This is where batteries come into play. Grid energy storage can be expensive and out of reach for smaller energy conscious folks. The solution is in the battery, which is becoming cheaper and more accessible for all.

How battery storage works

The simple version is that batteries hold onto the surplus power not used up during peak consumption times. Batteries come into practice when the sun’s not shining or the wind is not generating power. At these times, sustainable methods may provide enough power to heat a house, for instance. The battery would supply a house with the power needed to continue running efficiently in less than ideal conditions.

There are a few different methods that are becoming widely available. Lithium ion batteries are popular and accessible, but are not as reliable for long term use. Energy flow batteries are becoming more popular and are able to handle many more charging cycles than conventional lithium ion batteries.
Why it is important

Battery storage is an important step in separating ourselves from traditional energy dependence. Batteries give green energy users the flexibility and option to store as much extra power as they can harness for later use. The sun is not constantly shining and the wind does not consistently blow, so batteries help those individual become energy self sufficient.

Long term

The long term effects of battery use propel us into an age of energy independence. As more people adopt sustainable energy and pair it with battery storage, we end up with more people reducing their carbon footprint and becoming independent from traditional energy for their homes.


We are not yet where we need to be with sustainable energy or battery storage, but we sure are making strides in the right direction. Companies like Tesla are leading the way in battery innovation and bringing big ideas to the main stream. It is not so hard to imagine a world in which we are relying on our own sources of energy in the not so distant future.