More now than ever, it is important to understand and fight the negative impacts of climate change. One major issue contributing to the crisis is our dependence on oil and other fossil fuel to power our world. Renewable energy sources are more widely understood and accepted as a viable option, but there is still so much to learn if we want to eventually make the complete switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The term is tossed around a lot, but what is renewable energy really? Renewable energy is considered to be any energy derived from natural means, like solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, and biomass. These sources are renewed faster than they are consumed. While renewable energy is considered “fashionable” and trendy these days and is quickly gaining popularity, it is also necessary if we want to combat climate change.

Are you interested in learning more about renewable energy? Check out the following cool facts:

1. In some countries, renewable energy is actually cheaper than fossil fuels, depending on how accessible that particular source of energy is to the region.

2. Renewable energy creates 3 times the amount of jobs than fossil fuels.

3. Fossil fuels get 4 times the subsidy of renewable energy.

4. Renewable energy is expected to jump to 25% of global gross power generation in 2018.

5. One wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power up to 1,400 households.

6. If properly harnessed, enough sunlight falls on the earth in an hour to meet world energy demands for a year. We just need to find a way to harness solar power more efficiently.

7. Biomass is the largest U.S. renewable energy source with more than 200 existing plants providing electricity for 1.5 million homes in the U.S.

8. Solar power may become the world’s main source of energy power by 2050.

9. 20% of UK’s population live in areas suited for Geothermal District Heating with heat pumps.

10. In 2014, China was building two wind turbines per day.

11. Perhaps most importantly, unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy sources don’t directly emit greenhouse gases, one the suspected culprits on climate change.

People believe, and it has been predicted, that renewable energy will eventually be our main source of energy. This change could make a huge difference in our fight against climate change, and hopefully, help us live in a more environmentally conscious world.