Cultivating sustainable communities is a large undertaking. It requires a lot of hard work, discipline, and most importantly, a common sense of purpose. Whether it’s building a new sustainable community from the ground up or turning an existing community into a sustainable one, it’s going to take a lot of hard work from each and every community member. Once on the other side of the project, the hardships and work will be rewarded with a large step to a better tomorrow for us all.

Start with social sustainability

Building or becoming a sustainable community requires teamwork and trust. In order to achieve a common goal, the community needs to be socially sustainable. This means it’s a safe place for all, open to diversity, and has a positive identity. Cultivate a safe place for all and you’ll begin seeing a beautiful, sustainable community.

Community Gardens

Community Gardens are a simple way to make a large impact. These gardens assist in feeding the community, are a place to discard green waste, and reduce the area’s carbon footprint. Community gardens will help to bring the community at large together as well.

Carpool Network

Set up a carpooling network within the community. Work together to take the neighborhood kids to school and extracurriculars. It doesn’t stop there. Coordinate rides to and from work as well! The community can even go as far as planning group trips to run common errands. By reducing the number of cars on the road within your community, you’re significantly reducing pollutive car emissions.

Responsible Trash Disposal

Be smart with your trash as a community and don’t forget to recycle! There are many ways the community at large can reduce the impact their waste has on the planet. For instance, take all green waste to the community garden’s compost pile. Additionally, commit to ending the use of plastic and styrofoam food containers/cutlery.

Use of Unused/Neutral Space

Make the best of the public spaces in the community. This means anything from cleaning up parks to turning unused space into beautiful green spaces. Using the space within your community as efficiently and sustainably conscious as possible makes for a beautiful place to live.