You may have noticed that more and more houses have been fixed with solar panels. People are doing so for many reasons. Solar energy saves money, provides a reliable source of energy, adds to the value of your home, combats global warming, and provides you with energy independence. If you still are not convinced as to why people are switching to solar energy, keep reading.

Save Money

Like most investments, there is an upfront cost in solar energy installations, but begins to pay off very quickly. People who have switched over to solar energy begin saving, on average, $100/month on electricity costs. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to cut costs when they can? Plus, it helps the environment – but more on that later.

Reliable Source of Energy

The beauty of solar energy is its reliability. We will always know when the sun rises and when it sets. Beyond that, cloudy days are the only curve balls. Most of the time this can be accounted for based on surplus energy. There will be times that you will be taking in more energy than you can use. Storing this energy for later will help in times of cloud cover or during the night.

Energy Independence

Adopting a solar energy initiative sets you up to become energy independent. More and more people are no longer relying on the grid to supply the bulk of their energy and that is a very cool feeling. Some people in fact, are able to sell their energy back to the grid. If becoming energy independent is something you have been striving for, you will want to seriously consider installing some solar panels.

Adds to Property Value

Solar panels add to your property value! The same benefits you receive from solar panels will be received by the new owner of your home when you sell it. They did not have to put the money up front to install them, so this obviously adds on some extra value to the house. Also the perks of lower energy costs are enough on their own to bring up the price of the house.

Reduces Effects of Global Warming

Solar energy and energy independence also cuts down on our carbon footprint. Harnessing solar energy does not output any pollutants, thus helping reduce the effects of global warming. The more people that adopt renewable, clean energy sources, the more effect we will all have on the pollutants put out into the atmosphere.

Solar energy is an excellent way to help our planet, cut back on carbon emissions, and provides people with an alternative to fossil fuels. Green energy is the future, so why not become an early adopter?