Hydropower has become one of the leading renewable resources – and for good reason. There are many benefits and advantages to using hydropower. Some of the benefits of using hydropower are that no pollutants come from the process, we can use pre existing dams, hydropower is a consistent energy source, and even has some advantages to the ecosystem that hydropower directly interacts with.

No Pollutants

The process of harnessing power through water releases no pollutants into the air or water. Hydropower simply using the energy and movement of water to turn a turbine. The turbine turns the movement into energy and does not expel any pollutants in the process. Not only is hydropower a renewable energy source, it is clean energy.

Can Use Existing Dams

Existing dams can be retrofitted with turbines to turn them into power producing structures. Dams control the flow of water and provide a consistent and steady stream that is perfect for hydropower turbines. Outfitting dams with these turbines can be expensive, but is a huge money saver in the long-term.

Consistent Energy Source

Hydropower is a consistent source of energy due to the nature of water. The natural water cycles help replenish water sources and keep hydropower plants running. Additionally, certain structures like dams provide a concentrated stream of water that constantly flows at the same rate. This provides a reliable amount of energy that can be depended upon.

Additional Advantages

Building and maintaining dams for the purpose of hydropower also has some positive effects on the environment. Dams were originally built to control floods and hydropower dams can provide more incentives to build them. Water preservation is another advantage of hydropower. By monitoring and controlling the water supply in certain areas for energy production, we are able to preserve the water and know any issues well before it is too late. Finally, wildlife preservation is another great advantage of hydropower. Dams provide a place for large populations of fish and other wildlife to thrive.

Hydropower is not only a renewable energy source that shrinks our carbon footprint, but also gives back to the environment that it draws upon.