We all could use an energy audit. It’s good for the environment and a fun way to look at our energy consumption. Have you asked yourself whether you’re living a sustainable lifestyle? If you haven’t, odds are you are not living sustainably. The list below will give you a jump start with ways to reach a more sustainable lifestyle.

Light bulb change

Many people are still using traditional light bulbs that burn out rather quickly. These bulbs suck up more energy and create more overall waste. Swap out these bulbs for CFL, energy efficient bulbs. They last longer and use less energy, ultimately saving money and waste at the same time!

Alternate transportation

Consider biking, walking, or carpooling to work. Doing so greatly reduces your carbon footprint and helps the environment. Sustainability is not just about environmental effects, it’s about bettering yourself in the process. Walking and biking will provide you with extra exercise. Carpooling builds out your social circle and gives you an outlet with people in close proximity to you.

Reduce waste, Reuse what you can, and Recycle!

This is a big one! Make it a point to reduce the amount of waste your household produces. Organic material should be composted and paper/plastic products should be eliminated. Reuse what you can. If you order takeout, reuse the plastic containers as tupperware on your own home. Get creative and turn old items into new things you’ll use daily. Finally, recycle! Recycle everything that you can. It’s important for recyclable items to be sorted properly and made into new products. It cuts down on the amount of waste going to landfills and makes the products we use cheaper!

Unplug devices

There is so much wasted energy on devices that are left plugged in. Only charge your computers and handheld devices until they are fully charged. Anything after that is a waste of energy and, not to mention, damaging to your device. Cut down on wasted energy by unplugging all devices from the charger and chargers from outlets when not in use.

Use natural light

Save energy by using natural light whenever possible. Open the blinds and let the sunshine in to replace lamps and overhead lights. This is a great way to save energy but also has positive effects on your health. Soaking up the sun’s rays is beneficial to your mental and physical well-being. Start using natural light when possible and your body, mind, and the planet will thank you.

Washing Habits

Overall, we have an unnecessary fixation on being clean. We are overly clean. I’m not telling you to stop bathing, but rethinking overall washing habits will be beneficial to the environment. We waste a ton of water when showering and washing our clothes. In order to optimize the process, try to cut down on the amount of time spent in the shower daydreaming. Additionally, wear clothing items like jeans and sweaters multiple times before washing them again. This will reduce the amount of laundry you’re doing, thus resulting in less water wasted!