Sustainability is a word that has been tossed around a number of times over the past ten years. It may seem to be a bit daunting when you stop to think about the number of ways your company could be wasting its resources. You might even be under the impression that there isn’t much you can do to make your business green.

There actually is a few easy ways you can make your business “green.” It is important that you understand first that our resources are not unlimited. Green businesses are attractive to investors because they do care about the planet’s resources. Going green can also save your business thousands of dollars.

Strategy #1 Recycling and Restoration

A good strategy to become green is to monitor printing as paper waste is an ongoing problem. Selecting what should be printed, using electronic means to send information and using eco-friendly envelopes are a few ways to save the environment.

Keeping a good inventory of office supplies provides a snapshot of what is being wasted and what is currently being recycled. One good example of what you might uncover in an inventory is the wasteful disposal of pens. Reusable pens are both environmentally sensible and cheaper in the long run. It is important to understand the benefits of reusable materials versus non-reusable materials. Reusable materials are usually durable and made with non-toxic chemicals. This means they can either be recycled or restored.

Strategy #2 Production and Energy consumption

It may be a bit tough at first to analyze your current production processes. A good analysis will however uncover some wasteful and easily changed processes. For example you may want to look at how your company is currently using energy. This could be in the form of running your own servers 24/7 when you could engage a web host that uses sustainable energy resources.

You can decrease energy costs by looking into renewable energy such as wind and solar power. The savings you realize can be passed on to your customers.

Strategy #3 Procurement and Re-purposing

Local suppliers are probably the best way to procure supplies due to fuel and shipping costs. Using local suppliers also boosts the local economy. Materials that can be re-purposed can save your business money. One example is re-furbishing office furniture so it has new life and a new use for the office.