Raoul Fraser is a director of a number of renewable projects in the United Kingdom encompassing both solar and hydro. On the solar side, he helped manage the construction of the 3rd largest solar site in the UK at RAF Coltishall. This 52MW site was connected under both ROC 1.4 in March 2015 and ROC 1.3 in March 2016. In addition, he helped with the construction of a further 5 sites which were all commissioned under ROC 1.3. His role also was to liaise with the funding banks and to oversee the process of selling the assets.

In order to achieve that goal, Raoul Fraser has been working diligently as a Founder, Co-owner, and Director, of Alf Burn Hydro. To date, Raoul owns and assisted in the development of six solar sites, with the seventh currently in development. In addition to solar energy, Raoul owns a few single wind turbines, and by August 2017, will be an extremely proud Co-owner of two hydro schemes in Scotland.

Raoul Fraser fully intends to grow his footprint in the renewable energy space. He’s looking ahead to expand into international markets and have a greater impact on the planet as a whole. Renewable energy is necessary and the future depends on entrepreneurs like Raoul Fraser to push us forward. The greater an impact these renewable energy entrepreneurs have, the better off our planet is. This is exactly why Raoul looks to further his reach and overall impact on the world at large.

Through Alf Burn Hydro, Raoul Fraser has the unique opportunity to mesh both of his passions together. Raoul has had an intense passion for investments and the financial market from the ripe age of fourteen. As Raoul made his way into adulthood, he found great success in the world of finance. Then, he found himself engrossed in renewable energy and fighting climate change. Almost by chance, Raoul had an opportunity to invest in renewable energy projects. From then on he was hooked. His company Alfburn, has assisted him in his pursuit of growth and exploration in the realm of renewables while combatting climate change simultaneously.